Tune it out

Just a thought.

There are no bandit signs in my area, but yesterday, I was driving through a town that either allows them, or else doesn’t enforce over a holiday, because there were bandit signs out.

I don’t know how many of them I looked at and didn’t see. Finally, I said, “wait a minute, those are the bandit signs that the guys have been talking about” and I looked at the next one I passed.

Just another boring “we buy house” sign. Exactly the same as every other one I’ve ever seen.

I wonder if everyone just tunes them out. Like power poles, your mind just tunes them out because there are so many of them and they are all the same, so you stop seeing them.

I do real estate, and I’m interested in houses. I don’t have bandit signs in my area, so I am not flooded with them. And I still tuned them right out.

So I am wondering is “we buy houses” signs have been done to death.

Maybe it is time to think up a new sign. Maybe if the message is new, people will see them, at least for the first couple of weeks.

I agree to an extent. I think it’s like when you buy a new car and suddenly you start to notice all the other cars just like yours driving by, when you never noticed them before you bought yours.

I notice all the “We Buy Houses” bandit signs, but that’s probably b/c I’m a heads up investor, and always looking to see who in my area is doing something, and also always looking to see if someone has a “handyman special” sign out there too. I like to keep tabs on who is doing what in my area, so I’m always looking.

But you’re probably right that alot of homeowners tune them out - but then again, the guy that just bought a house of one last month will tell you differently.

I agree with steve… besides, those who tune them out are not our customers. Those in need of selling will notice such signs.