Tucson Arizona: Interested in local AZREIA classes?

Iโ€™ve lately been doing the nearly 5 hour round trip drive :stuck_out_tongue: to the AZREAI office in Phoenix for classes. The classes are inexpensive and very informative. :slight_smile: The first class I took was on Notes and Mortgages for $69. (BTW, a second person attending with you is 50% of admission price.) It was actually enough info to be tantalizing but not enough to do it. The woman, Donna Bauer, sells her course for $1000. (Anybody willing to share? ::)) Last weekend I took two half day classes for $99 each: Probate (there must be an easier way than this) and Tax Liens (very informative!) This weekend I am going up to do a whole day on shortsales for $169 (actually $125 per person.) (I know, I am doing things a bit out of order for a newbie at everything.)

So, what I am wondering, are there enough people โ€“ 12 minimum per class โ€“ here in Tucson to do these classes locally? :wink: Please check out www.azreia.org to see the class offerings and let me know what you would be interested in and when. (Personally, I donโ€™t like giving up my sabbath day so I would have them on Sundays or some day during the week if the interest is there.) Please email me with these details and your contact and background details. :smiley:


BMH :-*