tub cleaner

i just purchased a rental property with 2 full baths but the tubs look like they havent been cleaned in years…what do you guys recomend i use to clean the filty tub?

thanks in advance

I’m trying to find this out myself. On top of that I have hard water problems.

If it is a really bad enamel tub, Home Depot has a kit where you can sand the finish and paint on a new enamel. It is some work, smells pretty strong, but is less expensive than replacing a tub. The cost is about $40.


Try CLR or LimeAway to clean the tubs. Please wear gloves when using this stuff.

thank you all

less toxic option is a mixture of Cream of tartar and white vinegar

Another awesome cleaner-it is a mild abrasive though called Bar Keepers Friend. You can use on stainless steel, porcelain, fiberglass, glass cooktops copper, tile, brass. It removes rust!! I have found it at Walmart and some grocery stores that carry cleaners.

Depending on the TYPE of slime in the tub, I have had good results with Orange glo foam or Orange glow power paste. Also I’ve seen new construction cleaning services using The Works (name of product)

Hope it helped.

I use muratic acid.Cleans tubs and toilets.Use very little with alot of water or it will etch the surface.Makes it shine like new.I also love the lysol toilet cleaner with bleach.It cleans very well too.

Don’t fool around do you Hopper? :smiley: At least it gets the job done. My personal recommendation, just hire a cleaning service that specializes in rental turn overs. It’ll save you a lot of your time and in the long run alot of cash.

I own a cleaning service (9yrs now). I would use Lime Away Toilet Bowl Cleaner for the hard water stains or Whink Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Both of these need to be used with gloves on.

Also, if you have lots of soap scum and dirt it will take a few scrubs and rinses but plain old Ajax or Comet and a sponge with a scrubber side or small scrub brush works wonders. I would finish off after all of the Comet is rinsed out with a final wash of Scrub Free using a new scrubber sponge and a last final rinse.

If you have any glass shower doors use the comet to scrub them and instead of a scrubber sponge use a SOS steel wool pad. You will go through a few of these! They also work great on fixtures but you have to be very gentle because they will scratch. They will take off all of the old hard water marks though.

This will have your bathrooms looking brand new!

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other stains you need help with.