Trying to start in R E Investing in Houston Texas

I have been reading book after book about Real Estate Investing. I am ready to put some of my ready to practice, but i just dont understand how to break into R E investing. I am not looking for any handouts or nothing for free. I dont have $3000 to pay somebody on how to do real estate investing. I know it does not take a rocket scientist to do the business. Seem like nobody wants to help a beginner get started.

if you want to do foreclosures or rehabs i recommend you get
ron le grand’s course on ebay. should be able to get it for few hundred.
it’ll tell exactly what you need to do.
if you want to do low maintenance investments that will appreciate you
might need to go out of state. i can make some suggestions if thats your choice.

Are you in Houston texas area? I spend $800 on a Ron Le grand course are whatever price it cost, sit at home an read it, then what do i do? I have been reading some much of stuff. I need hands on practice with real estate investing.


Im in Houston too and trying to get started. I have put out a few offers on some houses and not pulled one in yet. But its hard work and you gotta made some realtor contacts.

Look up Realnet of Houston. They are basically a birddoging company and HML and they will talk with you free of charge.

you can visit their website at

Good Luck!

I have talk with them allready, it is a $5000 or $7500 investment fee to get started.

Investment fee? 5000 to 7500 would be what it takes to get into a deal but thats considered a downpayment in my experience with these guys.