Trying to start in R E Investing in Houston Texas

I have been reading book after book about Real Estate Investing. I am ready to put some of my ready to practice, but i just dont understand how to break into R E investing. I am looking for a mentor in the Houston Texas area to help or show me how to actually find deals and work them. I am not looking for any handouts or nothing for free, but will pay the right mentor out the deal that we do an thats more than any class they are selling on the internet. The real estate investor that I work with will be able to split the deals with me. [/b]Im looking for someone to work with on a long term basis in the R E investing. Im not trying to get rich over night. I dont have $3000 to pay somebody on how to do real estate investing, but if the right mentor can show me how to get started, we can make a contract on my first 3 deals on splitting the profit and work together after that on different deals.[b] I know it does not take a rocket scientist to do the business. Seem like nobody wants to help a beginner get started.

Why not start as a Birddog?


If you could, would you please describe what a “birddog” is and how you make money on that?


The resources on this site can answer all you need about getting started or birddogging. Seems like you’re at the very beginning of your research, so you may want to read the basics.

Lindsey What are you looking to do? Do you want a group of rental houses?