Trying to Solve a problem

Does anyone know of a company that can collect my rental payments from my tenants and make payments out to my mortgage lender? Ideally I would be able to get an itemized report from this service.
I’ve seen it done in other industries, but I haven’t found one for real estate yet.
Any ideas?

Most full service professional property management companies will do this for you.

Check the Business tools section under investment resources, you will find a company called clear now. They might be what your looking for.

What happens when your property is vacant and there is no rent collected to make the mortgage payment?

It would be better to make the mortgage payments yourself so you can be assured it is paid even when your unit is vacant or the rent is late. Most lenders will set up an automatic payment plan to draft your checking account each month on the day of the month you pick.

In CT you will need to use a licensed real estate agent to manage property.