Trying to Market to Landlords

Im developing a new marketing plan to target distressed landlords. I was wondering what was a few ways that i could get lists of landlords that have had there multi family properties more then say 10 years. Besides bandit signs,newspaper wanted ads etc, what other marketing techniques have been usefull to you?

I think you could go through tax records in your county to determine how long a property has been owned, but that would be pretty time consuming. I also think that if a landlord had their property 10 years they probably won’t be very motivated. They are the ones that have made it work. Instead you should consider going after landlords who just did an eviction.

Try doing a google search for something like “find apartments in [state code]”. Then scour the results and see what kinds of businesses / landlords pop up.

Many of my investor clients do monthly hand-written direct mail campaigns targeting non-owner occupied properties. Results have been fantastic.
I’m happy to share more information.

Nice website considering you work for/own a marketing company