Trying to get in where i fit in

Im New to this site looking for some information or words of encouragement. Me and my business partner dont really know where to start to become wholesellers or become solid REInvestors. we are serious we invest in our education buying books.Dealing with seminars giving us the run around and dealing with the people near to us cynisms makes it a bit discouraging and this is what we want to do. Looking to see if any one has any advice or can offer an clearer perspective for us on where we should be focus on with a credit score of 650 and a savings of 2k im 25 we are in the florida market :banghead :help[i][/i]

Read the forums especially the marketing forum and learn how to market, which styles you want to try, and who your target will be. Then, make a marketing plan and budget plan with the 2k (hint: in the beginning, you should not spend more than $500 a month on marketing, maximum) Most importantly, read these forums, join your local REIA, and get out there and speak with people and get your name out there! It takes work, so work hard, learn, and don’t look back. Also, if you and your partner are considering wholesaling, you don’t need to worry about your credit. Hope that helps!

Starting is the most difficult part. It’s way too easy to overload on info. Keep it simple and forget all the three day seminars and boot camps.
I suggest you start with lease options and pure options and assignments. You don’t need much cash to do so. Good luck!

Thanks for the post.

Find out if there is a REIA that meets near where you are going to invest…

Thank you every one for your advice I apppreciate it