Trying to Find Wholesale Buyers in Montgomery AL, Rockford IL, Cleveland, Indy

I’ve been having a hard time finding wholesale buyers in Montgomery, Alabama, Rockford, IL, Cleveland and Indianapolis. I’m not from the area, so unfortunately I can’t attend the REIA club in person, but I have looked on BiggerPockets, Connected Investors, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Craigslist.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for places to look? I’m in AZ, so going to local meetings, meetups, and events would be difficult.

Just as an edit, I already own properties in those areas, I am just having a hard time finding buyers for them without using a real estate agent and paying commissions. If this leads to finding more properties to buy that would be a bonus, but I am really just looking for ways to find buyers.

I wud like to buy and wholesale properties in AZ, Tucson and Phoenix, get back home.

We try to buy in AZ, but we find much better deals in the Midwest and South…

What do you have in Indy? I have a couple friends there. PM me, unless you’re looking for retail.

Evidently, you’re not marketing your properties at wholesale prices, but trying to get retail for them. That’s most likely why you’re not finding wholesale buyers. Lower your prices until you start getting bites from wholesalers.

Meantime, I’m doubtful that you bought low enough in the first place, to actually make money on your deals. Am I right?

I’ve had some outrageous deals in the Midwest and south, but I cudnt find any buyers.
Makes more sense to get properties in states in play, like CA, AZ and TX and FL.
Just my 2 cents

Indy’s a pretty good market, so like Jay said it’s unlikely he is offering them at a reasonable price for investors.

We have a 3/1 in Indianapolis in the 46218 Zip Code. I don’t really want to put the full address in a public forum… We probably don’t have a ton of room in that one to make for a good wholesale. It will probably end up being a turnkey rental or seller finance/lease option property for us. We have more room in the Montgomery and OH properties. We have more properties in those areas as well.