trying to find private money

I would like to make a presentation to potential lenders. Does anyone have any letters or postcards that they would like to share?

It might help if you give us a point of reference; what is the nature of the presentation?


Scott Miller

Dave - I sent you some info…

I have a presentation that I made to give to potential private lenders, but it’s too long and detailed to post here. The best thing to do is to make one up and give to family, friends, friends of family, and family of friends. Basically networking by word of mouth.

If needed, you can then also put an ad in the “Money Wanted” or “Business Opportunities” section of your newspaper classifieds, and send yuor presentation to people who call on the ad.

Also, I’m going to be giving my presentation to my accountant here soon. Accountants will know of a lot of people that would be interested in investing as a private mortgage lender.

private money is pretty hard to find. You usually find people that talk a lot but when it comes to action they tend to disappear unless you are dealing with a hard money lender.

Yup so true.