Trying to do a short sale but seller will not cooperate!

I have a house that I have under contract, and authorization to release that I’m trying to short sale. I’m trying to get him to gather up the required documents that the lenders need. I’ve tried to contact his cell, home and his wife’s cell and no one is returning my calls. What’s the best strategy to handle this situation? Doing an Option of Memorandum?

if you have a contract; the words “specific performance” or “breach of contract” on an attorneys letter usually has some leverage.

Do they have a RE agt representing them? do you have an RE agt representing you??

Why is he not wanting to cooperate? Has he had a change of heart, a better offer what?

No need to force something that isn’t going to happen. If this is going into foreclosure, simply leave one last message on voice mail. “this is baldy. I’ve been trying to reach you concerning our contract on your property. We need X documents by X date to continue to work on your deal. If I haven’t heard from you by X date, I’ll assume that you no longer wish to continue with this and are allowing the foreclosure to take place, which will completely ruin your credit for years to come. If this is not the case, please give me a call at X, asap so that we can move forward with this. Thank you for your time.”

And move on.


That’s really good advice! Sometimes you must force their
hand. They must sell or go to foreclosure and it is their choice!