Trustee Sale Question

I’m looking to buy a property at a trustee sale in MD. I’ve done due diligence at courthouse and there aren’t any liens. Should I also get a preliminary title report?
Thanks, Maryann

Why MaryAnn,

Seller must provide clean title, unless you are buying with a Quit Claim Deed (versus a Warranty Deed).


Howdy MaryAnn and Jeff:

You will get a trustee’s deed at the trustee sale and not a warranty deed. The trustee warrants nothing except he has been hired to sell the property prior to their posting it for foreclosure and must record that hiring instrument is they are the substitute trustee and not the original trustee on the deed of trust. Get a title report if you plan on buying the property, it is too easy to overlook divorces, liens, IRS liens, back property taxes. Just too many things you can miss on your own.