trustee and grantor of a land trust.

Hi… I am going to make an offer with a real estate lawyer as seller. Of course she is not going to tell me anything that does not benefit on her behalf.

So my question is, does it worth my time to place this property under a landtrust with her being the trustee and my LLC being the beneficiary? It will make any future transections with this property much easier. ie if I want to do a least purchase to my future clients.

If so, I am putting it as a subject to trust clause in my offer.

She is offering seller financing and I am asking for an assumable balloon structure already.

Thanks in advance


Not every lawyer has knowledge of the land trust. I would not want a lawyer trustee nor do I expect they will want to be.

If you place the property in a land trust it will have very little effect if the attorney doesn’t care if you LP to someone.

You could always ask the question about the DOS before you write up the offer.