Trustee and beneficiary can be the same in revocable trust

So, why can’t a land trust be revocable and the trustee and beneficiary be the same?

What you describe is a common set up for land trusts.

Thanks, I was under the impression that investors didn’t do that.

I see trust parties to a revocable trust a little differently. The person who funds the trust is called the settlor or grantor. The person who manages the trust is the trustee and may be the grantor him/herself. The person who inherits the assets of the trust (or the grantor’s beneficial interest) upon the death of the grantor is the beneficiary.

If I got it wrong, I am sure one of the lawyers on the boards will correct me.

The beneficiary is the person who gets the benefits of the trust. That means access to trust principal, trust income, and/or use of trust assets. It can be the grantor during his life, but it doesn’t have to be.