Trump RE Seminar

I got a piece of paper the other day recommendin the Trump Real estate seminar that hes holding in NYC on October 22-23.

He is having 72 experts speek which they say covers:
Investment techniques, financing, analysis, mortgages, foreclosures, contracts, deeds, options, taxes, leases, condos, co-ops, fixer uppers, multifamily, residential, commercial, rent regulations and more.

The seminar is called, “The Learning Annex: Real Estate Wealth Expo”.

I am thinking about attending since it is only 99 dollars for the two day event. Anyone have experience with this in the past that can tell me if its a good opportunity to learn or not?

Hello, If I lived in NYC, I would go. $99 for two days, that is great. I have been to many seminars like this one. You get your monies worth. Bring plenty of pens and paper and take great notes. Then, most importantly, take action with your new information. Watch out! They will try to sell you every course they have. Continue to utilize this post source and keep in touch with your local RE club.

I’m not a member of a REI club, how can I find all the different areas?

Hello, To your left, on the side, look under “Investor Resources”. Go to the first link, “Real Estate Clubs”. There you should find one near you. Good Luck.;action=display;threadid=8263

any time you can attend a seminar for under 100$ you should go.
just leave you checkbook at home!!!
print up biz cards and make sure you network.