Well Dave Windsor…It’s gonna be a real bitch to get him elected now!!!

THAT was easier than even I thought it would be. :beer

My guess is when the PUBLIC learned of TRUMP’s own financial condition, they, and everyone else would know Trump isn’t the boy wonder he claims to be. He’s leveraged more than the USA is.

FDJake you were right.

You win the gentlemen’s bet. :banghead

I still cannot believe it though. What a quitter! You look up to someone like that for inspiration, and after all that attention and work at getting everyone’s hopes up, he just gave up or he was just grandstanding to raise the ratings of his TV show. I really thought he was serious. A sad moment.

I guess it’s now up to Mitt Romney to kick Obama’s ass. Tear Obama a new one, Mitt. :evil


You’re a man of your word! :beer

And…Trump IS one hell of a businessman!