Troy Titus

Anyone know this guy?

I am wondering something…why are you asking about this guy…AFTER posting negative stuff on another site about him. And first post on both sites.

I am very curious to hear your answer.

Regards, Tony

Tony, I can appreciate your question.

My objective is simply to share my story about an unethical asset protection “expert” (attorney) who left me dangling in the wind after a $10K investment. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one. See disbarment notification via the VA State Bar website:

I sincerely hope this information helps the informed investor make better choices relative to who he/she might select to perform the very important task of putting together asset protection strategies.

You should have posted this on your first post instead of asking about him…when you already knew. THAT was the point of my post. I am not questioning anything, except I am wondering why you asked about him in your original post, instead of posting this. You already knew about him when you made your first post.

And…? Wonder no more. I was and am interested if anyone knew or knows Titus, and I wanted to warn honest people about a man/attorney I feel and the VA State Bar feels, is not an honest person. With all due respect, your rules don’t apply here. Thanks for the feeback and best of luck.

This is big in my area (DC/MD/VA) because he is based in Virginia and works (or should I say worked) with a lot of investors around here. I don’t know how to feel about him as I have not completed a deal yet, but did attend the Beltway REIA session in August where he was the guest speaker on the Maryland foreclosure law. I have heard from others in Maryland with big-time foreclosure experience that his take on that particular law is not in compliance with it.
So if you are working with foreclosures in Maryland based on his advice, I would recommend getting a second opinion in light of what is going on here.

Thanks for the advice - re: 2nd opinion. I’ve engaged a lot of people on this issue, and I’ve gotten some great feedback. Unknown if it will lead to a resolution, but I certainly appreciate the support from the investor community.

The real lesson from my story is do your due diligence. Troy came highly recommended by respected teachers/trainers in the industry. That said, it’s up to each business owner to make prudent decisions. I obviously made a mistake and it’s my hope that people who frequent these discussion boards will learn from mine. Thanks again.

The fact that he was disbarred says it all.

I was on a “panel of experts” discussion with this guy at a Convention, and I listened to his answers. My “bullsh*t detector” was reading an 8.5 on a scale of 10. I did not have a good feeling about him at all.

Two of my mentoring students showed me corporate papers formed by his staff that were appalling bad. One corporation had a registered agent listing a Canadian address. Duh!

Google is a wonderful thing - use it when in doubt.


You are not really going to let this one go by. ;D;action=display;threadid=9543

John $Cash$ Locke

Looks like he has moved on to the auto industry.

It looks like he has finally been arrested and his partner Kris Cardwell is in trouble too.

I also heard her involvement with the Ark, Inc. has brought in scrutiny from the IRS over tax planning. Anyone who has done business with any of them should have their checked by an independent expert.