trouble with reiclub ad

Hello all,

I just wanted to know, If the Quick Offers ad is functioning
correctly ? I can’t connect to the website.

I am an associate for in Prince William County, VA. The sites had problems twice in the last week. Even their e-mail box is full.

Hey DemosL,

How is business in NOVA? I’m wholesaler in Virginia also. I’m in the Hampton Roads area.

Most sellers that contact me are upside down. I’m now beginning to wholesale deals in TN and MI. There’s a lot more homes with equity way outside of where I live.

It’s frustrating when the rehabbers want 50 cents on the dollar offers. I will either find wholesale deals elsewhere or wholetail the local ones. Wholetailing is where you assign deals to serious cash end buyers at maybe 80 - 85% of the market values. These buyers are out there. Older buyers looking to buy their kids a starter home will have the money.

What I’m doing noww is completely different than what I thought I’d be doing 8 months ago, when I started.

Something’s got to work!

Yeah, I hear you. deals here in my area are far and few. So, I been trying to wholesale to landlords