Trouble with posting from IPhone?

Anyone else have trouble posting a response longer than a few sent few from an IPhone like I do?

The type gets covered and dissappears under the “post” button and it can become inoperable


I think you have to wait for the entire page to load before you start your posting or reply. I have had that same issue myself when posting from my phone.

Impossible, Apple products are impervious to problems. :bs

Sorry, had to take a random Apple stab. Getting sick and tired of hearing how awesome their products are and how they never misbehave when the reality is that they are no better or worse than anyone else’s product.

This is the first real issue I’ve had in the year I have owned one. I wouldn’t go back to anything else.


I partially agree with you. Apple people tend to be very elitist about their iMacs, or their IBooks,etc which drives me crazy. However the Iphone is the real deal. Simply put… nothing else even comes close. The combination of the REAL Internet (not mobile Internet), phone, iPod, email and all the apps make it untouchable. I don’t think I could go back to a regular phone and be half as productive. Once I added Google Voice it allowed me to add a whole nother phone number to the phone and now I run 2 business just from the phone.

Im not a huge iMac fan (I prefer PC much more), however, I must say, the iPod Classic changed my life. By far the best mp3 player around. I <3 my music. I carry it everywhere.