Trouble with BirdDogs

My poor birddogs :frowning: I’ve run a couple of ads for birddogs here in SoCal. I keep getting newbie guys, which is fine if they hustle, but they’ve been running bandit signs and without fail end up getting each one pulled. I’ve found all of my guys on craigslist and just found your forum.

Can anyone recommend good sources to find quality birddogs? I’ve read your admin rules so I don’t want to ask the wrong questions, but I’m just getting back into SoCal and I have the immediate need for jobbers with hustle. Thanks in advance… and thanks for being kind on my first post. :beer

The best source for quality birddogs is YOU. The majority of birddogs are going to be newbies, as that is the easiest way into the business. What most birddogs want is a trainer/mentor. That would be you.

What you need to do is a) find a person wanting to be a birddog and TRAIN them to what YOU want, and b) if they actually work, train them to invest as well.


Don’t focus all of your efforts on finding “Bird Dogs” per se.

Remember in many cases the best bird dogs, are not bird dogs at all. Instead they are centers of influence in your community, they are mortgage people, bankers, real estate agents, attorneys.

Yes, bird dogs can help. But I have found that networking helps alot more, and in most cases costs you next to nothing.