trouble getting owner to engage so I can do a ss

I want to purchase a prop through ss for my wife and I to live in, not for investment. I’m in Minnesota where we have a 6 month redemption period. Property is about 4 months along. I can’t get owner to respond (phone calls and letter). :banghead I’m worried if I wait for prop to go to full foreclosure I’m going to face more competition and a higher price. Any good tricks for getting owner to respond or to get around this problem. FYI: At any time I can pay the redemption amount of $205k to EMC Mtg so the prop is mine at end of redemption period, but I believe I can do much better than that with ss. Mkt value is about $220k, but it needs lots of cleanup (owners just up and left) and cosmetic work.

If you know where the owners are, just go knock on the door and tell them you can help with their problem.

They live about 3 hours outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul area, so I’ve been trying to get them to just reply to a vm and letter. I’m about ready to drive down and talk to him. There’s no way to get around that “permission slip” to speak with the mortgage company, is there?

you might want to make it a day trip. IF they are not there initially, thent try again in a few hous. Have they talked to you before? Do they ave access to a fax machine? or know someone who does. That will definitely save you a trip

I can’t get them to respond to anything so far. My wife and I had been watching the house and, through my own investigation, discovered the situation the property owners are in. I understand it’s probably something he doesn’t want to talk about, but I think I can score a great deal ($30,000+ under market val). Neighbor lady told me the couple waited for last daughter to grad high school. Then they cashed out the equity, divorced, and just left. So, I don’t think he’s too concerned about his credit or the house, so I will need a pretty good sales pitch to him. I think this will be alot of footwork on my end to make this happen, IF I can make this happen, but the savings is worth it. I might make the trip to his home this weekend.
Any thoughts on sale pitch ideas to him to at least give me permission to talk to EMC Mort? I’m thinking 1-save heavy and long credit damage 2-no realtors so save thousands on fees 3-bank are heavy in foreclosures so they might give us a real deal allowing him to get totally cleared of this property 4-I’d pay him $3k cash after a successful close 5-let him know I want this for myself and family and that I’m not trying to “profit” off of him (although I’d consider a $30k discount quite a profit…
Anything else…

You say you’ve tried vmail and letters. He didn’t respond? Well, I’d say you could mail more letters, call more (have you considered calling from a blocked number? I know that makes me curious and answer more readily), or go there in person. What kind of ‘tricks’ are you looking for? Seems you know where teh guy lives, shouldn’t be much of a trick to get a response from him.