Trouble funding commercial/investment property loans

I am curious where everyone turns when they are unable to fund A-paper?


I typically don't have funding problems with 25% down in most deals. 

A rated paper is different than “Trouble Funding Commercial / Investment Property Loans” as one is borrowing and one is the external rating of performing property loans as viewed and rated by the lender?

Typically buying trust deed notes and financing them is far from funding property as the borrower!



You just need to find the right commercial broker/lender who has access to many different loan programs. Gold River is right, generally there is not problems with 25% down, but how much cash injection are you putting into the deals? PM me and I’d be willing to look at your deal for you to see if we have a program to fit. I do have A - D paper programs.

I use two sources outside of traditional lenders.

One is private money and a trust arrangement. In doing this, one can use a single funding source or break it up into smaller parts and have several funding sources inside the trust. Just be cautious to keep it at a few and to know the ‘blue sky laws.’

Second I use qualified money…there are some $7 Trillion in assets in pensions, profit sharing, IRA’s, etc. I’ve funded millions using this source.

Start asking everyone you know about the yield they get in their IRA, then offer them a higher yield with your R.E. Transaction. IF their trust document which holds their qualified money does not permit such an investment, be prepared to show them another reputable trust company who will allow such an investment, then show them how to do a roll over.

Hope this helps.