Trouble building buyer list.

I am looking to flip properties but i am having troubles building a buyers list. Does anyone have any answers?

Hey Troubled!

Join a (REIN) club in your area. They are made up with buyiers and investers! If you can`t find one, start one.

Yes I agree, I found a investor just from posting to my local clubs forum. You should also check out some yahoo groups there are many of them on real estate investing. Great networking can happen and on forums good luck


Hurah for you;

It justs takes time and determination! Ask questions and listen. There is a world of opertunity out there!


Here is the tip that will get you your own list. Call up yuor local paper–if you live in a metro area–use the biggest. Run this add:

[center]CASH, CHEAP

wWhen people call, thell them: “God, I just sold that house–but I get them all the time, would you like me to call you when I get another? What price range do you want to stay within? Also, after I get the house, how soon can you close?” If they say right away, you’ve got yourself a repeat customer–they’re a rehabber. If they hem and haw…well. Make sure you write their info down.

Hope that helps, John

Don’t worry too much about building an extensive buyers list before you start. Once you have a deal under contract (if it is really a deal), then you should not have any problem flipping it. You can: run an ad (as per the above post), call your title attorney-ask for investor referrals, run ad at your local rei group (ours has a website where you can post your deals), drive the neighborhood where you found the deal–call all the contractors, for rent signs, etc.

Worst case. Once you have a house under contract, you can have a realtor look up all the “Mint” to “Excellent” in that general area. A lot of those will be rehabbers who fixed it up to sell. Call that listing agent and see if they work with any investors. On my last deal, I offered a commission of $1500 if the listing agent came up with an investor who would buy my house. Sure enough, the next day, I had a qualified buyer who paid my full price.

There are lots of ways.

Look in our local paper under the “We Buy Houses” ads. Contact these investors and ask them what they are looking for. You could also do a google search for “We Buy Houses”. You can contact these national companies and see if any of their investors are wanting to buy your wholesale deals which I am sure they are.

Best Regards,
Jeff Adam

Thanks everyone for all of the replies.