Triple Net Leases

Does anybody out there have any experience with triple net leases on stand alone sites such as cvs or walgreens? The margins are small BUT the risk is very minimal as they even are in-charge of the maintenance

What is your question specifically?

Jtmoniii: All of our Triple Net leases have the tenant(s) paying for all cost associated with the maintenance of the building and include: property taxes, insurance including earth quake, roof membrane, HVAC, electrical, gas, sewer, water, janitorial, garbage, window cleaning, parking lot maintenance, property management, landscape maintenance, window replacement. There should be an “Additional Rent” paragraph in the lease that outlines all of the reimbursable expenses. If it is pure NNN lease it will include footings, walls, roof structure really all expenses and costs associated with maintenance of the building.

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Cory W. Martin