Tried magnets or stickers on their car? I not, why not? ?

I’m new and have little cash. I want to try bandit signs, stickers on my car, but I’ve never seen the “we buy houses” on a car. I’m wondering if there’s a reason for that…Also when you put up bandit signs do they regularly get stolen or taken down? Is that just part of the marketing expense? Every so often go put up new ones?

Thanks for any help

Car signs work well if you keep your car in high traffic areas when parked. Also, bandit signs work well in high traffic areas…caution though…likely that many areas have ordinances not allowing such advertising and possible fines but for sure gov’t employees will be hired to take them down to destroy. If there are no ordinances preventing, they will still be taken down by competitor rascals!

If you want a ‘sure fire’ way to succeed, try the old fashioned ways:

  1. pay for advertising;
  2. make 100’s of calls each day on FSBO ads;
  3. pay for mailings;
  4. drive around neighborhoods and call on FSBO signs.

Hope this helps



I have magnet signs on my vehicles, they were cheap too, $50 for 2. I had an elderly couple follow me into a parking lot and park next to me, they wanted too much for their house though. Last week as I was slowly driving past a fender bender a cop knocks on my back window and wanted a business card, said he had a house for sale. They get attention but so far no deals yet.
Last year I made $8,000 off of a bandit sign I had in my front yard . And just last week I got a deal from some bandit signs my bird dog put up in a nearby town, He purchased 50 for 75 buks and is making $2,000 finders fee. I feel guilty cuz I’m making 8K, I met the seller and got it on contract and got it sold in a few hours.
One of my very first deals was from a bandit sign my bird dog put up in his town. I made $4,500 and he wanted $2,500 and that’s what I paid him. So I’ve done 3 deals from bandit signs so far. I gotta use direct mail and recruiting bird dogs also. One of my biggest deals came from a door knob hanger.

Oh, a funny story. I loaned my sister my car one day. She was gone for 5 hours. I get a call from a seller saying he seen my car downtown parked next to the courthouse and had a house for sale, oh and by the way, your car has a parking ticket cuz the meter has expired. My sister didn’t have any intention of mentioning it. So you didn’t have any problems with the car? No. Did you get a parking ticket? Oh, I was going to tell you but I forgot. How did you know? And guess who had to pay the friking $28.00 ticket? What pisses me off is I offered to buy her a car if she quit the ciggs. Why am I telling you all this? Well, it is Random Ramblings isn’t it?

I agree with Rob.If you want more traffic leads conventional way of marketing through advertising is better

Newbie question: When you mention “pay for advertising” and “the conventional way of marketing through advertising” do you mean just putting an ad in a newspaper classified section?