Tree Branches on another property

A tree on my property has branches which are next to cable wires going to neighbor’s house. Do I need to take care of this branch legally? He just asked me.
On the other side I have another neighbor with his tree’s branches on top of my roof and they told me that this is my problem.
Any advise on what to do either way.

Howdy BillyB:

You own the dirt below and the air above your property. To be neighborly get permission to cut on a neighbors tree that is hanging over your property line. I have seen many fights about tree limbs especially after they fall. You can cut the tree at the property line and dispose of the limbs. I have seen neighbors agrue when the limbs are cut and tossed onto the tree owners property. If you cut please do not toss them across the fence. This may make the tree ugly so I always try to get both parties to agree to a safe and clean cutting and maybe a sharing of the costs.

The cable company may come out to cut the branch if it is in harms way. Then again they may not care or may want you to take care of it at your expense. Here again let the neighbor know and he may share the expense as well.