TREC contracts and fake rehabbers

I have just finished reading Rob Barney’s article on bird dogging. In it he talks about TREC contracts…does anyone know what he means by that? I know he’s talking about a contract to purchase property from a potential seller . But is it a particular type of contract from a local real estate agent association?

Another point he brings up is distinguishing “real” rehabbers from “fake” ones. Does anyone know how to go about this?

And last but not least…I was planning to purchase Real Quest software to help assess any future properties. Has anyone heard of this software and is it good? Are there any other software programs that might be better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eager2learn :slight_smile:

The TREC contract is the standard contract used in all Texas transactions with Realtors representing clients. TREC stands for Texas Real Estate Commission. You can access the forms on their website:

I use the TREC forms often - people are familiar and comfortable with them.

As for real vs. fake rehabbers - my guess is that you’re trying to distinguish between those who have cash or financing in place and are prepared to buy and those who are just learning or actually bird-dogging for a real investor. Ask tough questions and you should be able to distinguish them.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the information…duh…I should have guessed.
But I live in New Jersey, can I use such a contract here or could I use one from my local RE commission?

I’m going to use that address you gave me but insert NJ and see what pops up.

Thanks for your help