translation services

Does anyone know of a service that will translate sales adds from English to other languages?

In my regular job, we recommend local college students for this stuff. They’re cheap, knowledgeable and hungry for extra cash. :smile

We need a lot of translations on a monthly basis (for my f/t job), and we use MultiLingual Solutions,

If you want cheap stuff that is not guaranteed to be translated correctly, you may want to try college students as suggested earlier.

Sniper is right. Really depends on how technical your translation:

We buy houses: Easy to translate.

“Made with real apple juice” Maybe not so easy. I saw this come out to “made with used apple juice”

Not so tasty.

M :biglaugh

Thanks for the responses.

Here’s a free site you can go to and translate them for free. I also used this service or one like it to translate my contracts and leases.

First off, I would not rely on a free service to properly translate a legal document, that’s asking for trouble. Second, I have read a few places that its a bad idea to translate your leases, etc into another language as you may have issues in court with the translation of certain things that may completely trash your case. Also, this is America and most likely the judge hearing the case speaks English so you want to make sure he can understand it in the language it was written. If the tenant can’t read English he/she should bring along a family member that can translate for them, don’t put yourself in a legal quagmire because they don’t speak English and don’t have anyone to translate.

Had it review by an attorney, that said it was ok. But it would have cost a thousand dollars for them to translate the same document.

If the ads are online, you can just download the Google Toolbar and enable the Translation feature. Works like a charm for translating one language into another :biggrin. You can get it at