Transitional Funding

My agent won’t bid on HUD properties until I provide a POF letter…can anyone recommend where I can go to get one ? Also what is name of a good transitional funds company ?


Haha, now you know why I don’t buy thru Realtors, first you need at least $1,000 earnest deposit, You need proof of funds, you need to fill out a 37 page contract and if they find out your just going to wholesale it, forget it. Then you got to put up the Realtors know it all attitude and their control freak aptitude.
Working directly with sellers is a piece of cake, no earnest deposit needed, an easy 2 page agreement is all that’s needed. And they are genuinely grateful for your help.
But Realtors are not completely useless, I sell my deals to them.
The deals on the MLS are seriously overpriced and if you find a reasonable deal its like an investor feeding frenzy.
If you want to deal with Realtors and the MLS you got a long row to hoe.

This is also why I dont like to work with some realtors. Thats that ish i dont like! :cussing lol. But you have to look at it like this…they are only going by protocol, or they have been burned by an investor in the past.

You get the point across to them that you wont be giving them a letter and if they are game, cool, if not, there are 20 other realtors they will work with you in your city.