Transfering buyers on a short sale.

Hey Guys !! I been racking my brain in order to save my short sale. Short sale approval letter came a week ago and they want to close on tuesday and auction on the 2nd. Home Eq.

I’ve read many posts on this site suggesting , you can add a buyer to your contract. I’ve got a buyer in place who was using Quicken Loan. we were on our way until they came back with a 12 month chain of title. Been making calls to bank underwritters to find out who has issue with seasoning. Bank of america seems to have no problem with seasoning.
My buyer is wlling to pay me my fee out of escrow. His lawyer suggested that we just go to HomeEq and tell them I want out but I have anew buyer who is ready to close a week after the auction.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of working around these issues. Not sure if they will allow another buyer in at this late date.


I would have your attorney call the underwriter and explain the deal to them. Everything should be good as long as its not an FHA buyer. Some times having an attorney call will make the underwriter see the light.