Transactional Funding

i have bad credit, and i would like to close on a home in 30 days, what do i need to do in order to get transactional financing, any ideas from the experts


Transactional funding requires no credit, no income and no cash to recieve! When you set up transactional funding the lender is loaning cash for 24 hours for a purchase from primary seller (A) to you as investor (B) so that you can turn around the next morning and close the sale of the property to your end buyer (C). 

There is no risk as all the paper work from A to B and from B to C along with the funding from buyer C’s lender must be in escrow prior to the transactional funder transfering funds by wire to escrow!

I take it you have an end buyer and they have an approved mortgage that will be ready to close in 30 days! What state are you in as there are some transactional funders right here on REI Club!

If someone here does not cover your state you will need to do some searching and have many conversations until you line one up!

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im in mass, lets say i buy a house at a reduce price from primary seller, I then turn around and sell it to 3rd buyer within 30 day time frame, first i ask buyer if he has proof of funds, then i call up transactional funding place to ask for cash to close the deal, transactional funding companies what exactly do they need from me, in order to close the deal. i probably need some minor mentoring on my end, this probably sounds easy to do, but what about attorney fees, inspection, insurance, taxes etc. does it come out of my pocket.

I am a transactional lender but what you are describing is not really transactional lending. It is a 30 day hard money loan and they work very different from 1 day transactional loans.
To do a 30 day deal, I require investors to put 20% down in the deal.

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Transactional Funding is a type of service where investors like you are given the opportunity to use a type of loan called the bridge loan, that allows you to undertake the simultaneous closings safely and with the backing of money provided by the loan. The barrier of scrutinizing federal and state agents are removed since you are no longer conducting dry transactions or deals where money is transferred from the buyer to you, and from you to the seller. With transactional funding and the bridge loan under it, you are already conducting valid closings that give you the opportunity to make money out of opportunities in the form of simultaneous closings.