Hey in Oregon with family and a question came up

Can you get transactional funding like you would use for same day closings for longer then one day ?

And if so how long for and from who?

As my son has a deal where by he may be able to get a property very cheap

And may even have a buyer lined up but they will not hae there funding for about 30 days

The deal as with most is not going to be sitting there for ever

So he asked me if this was a possible thing to get the funding as above for more then one day

yes it is called Hard Money. There is a list on the left side of the page.

Yes you can get this from HMLs but most of us will still require FULL Due Diligence and Full Points (some will rebate points if it pays off in 2 business days or less). Full Points and Full Due Diligence is required because the ugly truth is many of these deals DO NOT in-fact pay off in 2 days as promised. In-fact MANY of them are scams by 2 cohorts (Buyer and Seller) to extract $$ from the deal on the front end then leave the HML holding the bag.

Sad but true!


He is looking for money for 30 days.


for all the posts to this point i was in hopes to not have to tell my son hard money as it is very costly

And most of the time fees and points can not be rolled in to the deal

His only option is Hard Money or a private investor. Of course the HML will not roll the points and fees into the loan… nobody does that anymore. Good luck!