Transactional Funding

Hello…was wondering if anyone has used Hartwell Ventures for funding. I have been using Costal Funding but have been running into trouble with the POF letter. Any feedback would be great.

Not an answer but what problems with Coastals POF??? Herbster

No but I have a great transactional funding company here in NJ that will lend for 2% PM me if you need the info.

Haven’t used that company specifically… In regards to the POF, many banks are not accepting those as they
know they are only for one day… meaning that you must have a buyer already lined up…

What works and will always work is a copy of a bank statement… If you can get a copy that shows significant funds to cover the purchase, then you’re good to go!

REITV - Are you in South Jersey ? I wont say his full name on here but D.A.?