transactional funding 30 days or more ?

:shocked Has any one here seen or heard of this ?

I thought it was only for 1 day ?

I have heard of them, but I am waiting for proof of funding on them to see if they are in fact legit.

Do a google search and you will find the various companies that offer it. MIG Funding is one and there are others.

I know about mig However i do belive they ask for a upfront fee to do anything andit is a few hundred $

30 day Trans Funding is getting pretty rare. Lenders who jumped in thinking it was somehow similar to 1 day Trans Funding got really burned. B-C deals tend to fall apart after that long and the default/fraud rate is HIGH.

Essentially it is a hard money loan with a twist. I do them but only in my local Chicago area and I require some cash in the deal by the investor. One day deals, I’ll do anywhere at 100%.

Other people claim to be doing 30 day but the only one I know is currently closing deals is Aegis RE. Read their deal carefully though. It is not a loan. They don’t loan the money, they essentially become your equity partners and they can take your property anytime they want.

Good Luck