Training Providor Reviews - "Focus on Foreclosures"

I went to this free seminar from WIM where (ofcourse) they were trying sell/sing up students to go to their 3 days workshop in Dallas. This workshop is called “Focus on Foreclosure” and I think it is offered by some training company called WIM.

I would like to know any reivew about this perticular course or the company. They were selling this course for $200 for three days … they reduced it from 3k (of course).


Hey I went to that class myself. $200 for three days. They went over the info so quick and yes they where trying to get people to sign up for the $9-65k classes by giving you just enough to keep your attention.

Forget all of that mess, for $9-65k I can have a nice downpayment on something that cashflows.

In Louisiana, I was buying nice properties for less than $65K. The most I paid for an investment proeprty down there was $64,900!


I am going to a 3 day in San Diego…Is the time spent on the 3 day worth it? I won’t spend anymore $$$ than the $199…

Where do you live, Tara?


I am in Carlsbad (San Diego) CA…

Well, there goes my idea of sending a 3-day vacation to SD!



I used to live in San Diego, there are a lots of areas within SD that are very nice. Too bad its really expensive to live there in california. probably why I am in Florida now.
:slight_smile: ;D