Traffic of my website is decreasing day by day

Hello Friends,

My website traffic is decreasing day by day, however keyword ranking is still stable. I am not able to analyses the reason of this decrease issue. Please share what can be the reason of this problem?

DO you have an auto-responder on the site? If not get one so you have the email addresses of every visitor.

Next give the visitors a reason to come back to the site - so it should increase traffic - also offer incentives for them to refer friends … what have you been doing in those respects?

Recently I posted a video on YOUTUBE and got listed 1 and 2 on first page of Google in just 3 minutes (with over 11 million competitors) … are you posting videos there regularly?


Google likes changes and less and less organic traffic will come from google, even with good “rankings” as more and more ads are put in front of the search results.
There are many ways to increase your traffic.
Most people spent to much time infront of a screen instead of making deals…

Over what time period did you see the decrease? Are you talking about over a few days, weeks, or months? And what kind of numbers are we talking about?

It seems like one of two things is happening: 1) There aren’t as many people searching for the phrase you’re ranking well for or 2) A competitor has appeared who has a more compelling title tag and meta description that is causing more people to click their link instead of yours.

Small fluctuations are normal from month to month. Some months there just aren’t as many people searching for particular phrases. Use Google Webmaster Tools (free) if you’re not already to see for sure how many times you’re showing up in the searches and where you rank and how many clicks you get. In other words, make sure you know the numbers and all the facts.

If the same number of people are seeing your page in the search results but aren’t clicking it, look at your competitors’ listings and compare it to your own. Are they offering a benefit to the user that you’re not? Does your listing sound kind of spammy (like you’re just focusing on ranking in search engines instead of focusing on people)? Depending on what you find, you may consider revising your title and meta tags. Nothing drastic, you don’t want to lose your rankings. But see if you can change something small to make your link more compelling.

For me sometimes I will see the market changing before the public as the traffic of buyers searching drops and my search terms are still in the same spots. Only other thing you can do is keep posting more content regularly so google doesn’t forget about you.

I think you should try other strategies like focusing on social media platforms especially Facebook.

You need to have constant new content for google to pickup also optimize your pages to get picked up better. DO not stop or they will start to beleive there is no more fresh content. After building a reputable site and gaining domain authority you can expect your search engine results to stick longer.

Can help in analysing your site.

Just wondering if your traffic ever returned?

Have you done any optimization to increase your traffic? It’s possible that you could have a received an over optimization penalty from Google. You can check to see if there are any manual actions against your website within your Google webmaster tools account. If you don’t have one then you should sign up for one.

Hello mysuttonpm,

Can you please tell me in brief what do you mean by saying “over optimization” of the website? As even I am facing the same problem, website traffic is decreasing but organic search in search and I am not able to analyze the reason for the same.

Looking for your help.

Maybe you can try social bookmarking and other SEO also trying out social media marketing like facebook and twitter with contests and hashtags would be a good idea