trading a property?

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this is in NW MINNESOTA, a freind is trying to trade her lake front property for a country home , she has someone interested.  my ? is,   can they quit claim deed ea. other there property's ,  then us a title company to transfer legal claim, and only have to pay filling fees and title company. yes - no - maybe.

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If I give you a quit claim deed to a property, I have legally transferred to you whatever interest I have in the property. If I was the legal owner, then the quit claim deed makes you the legal owner. If I am not the legal owner, then the quit claim deed is still legal, but worthless.

Title companies and settlement attornies will probably recommend that you transfer title with a warranty deed, conduct a title search, and purchase title insurance.

You can take your deed to the courthouse yourself and pay the recording fee, or, let the title company and settlement attorney will do that for you.

In my state of SC, I can not record a deed unless it has been prepared by an attorney. Check to see if your state has a similar requirement.