Tracking foreclosures

I have several foreclosure lists I use. Since many foreclosures don’t make it to the auction I need an easy way to track these listings to know which ones will go to the courthouse steps? Any help?


Howdy Rainman:

Getting a magic wand or wiggle your nose is the only way I know to foresee the future. I have saved foreclosure even on the day of the sale where I met the trustee at the courthouse steps an hour before the sale. There is no way to know until you get there. The best way is to buy it before the sale. The second way is to call the trustee a day or so before to make sure the sale is still on and they have not cured the default. It can be a real rat race. LOL

Thanks for the reply and the tips. It’s nice to know busy people like yourself will take time to offer help.

Thanks again,