tracking down HO - advanced

It seems I’ve met a new match in finding this HO.

It seems using a combination of the tax records, zabasearch, and has not been enough to locate this particular homeowner.

I was able to research one of the realatives who seems to be MIA as well. The tax records of his old home is now owned by “United States of America”. I’m debating if I should subscribe to one of these searches…maybe intelius (anybody use this?) or hire a skiptracer. Anybody have any feedback of some alternatives before I use this route? Also if somebody has any recommendations of any skip tracers…feel free to PM me.


looks like i pretty much exhausted my options and need to hire a skip tracer service. seems to be what a few have recommended…anyone have any feedback on this?

You may be looking for someone who is in prison, evading the IRS or another federal agency, etc. Skip tracing may be the only answer for this one. Good luck.

Just a suggestion… I wasn’t sure what a HO was so when I saw that you were looking for a person I assumed that you were the burned landlord so I then thought wow, they can use that language online (HO)
I don’t frequent this page often but for those of us that arn’t too familiar w/ the lingo maybe there should be a different abbreviation for home owner. Yes, I finally figured it out and felt pretty silly. lol :-[