Track Maps

I would like to find out if anyone know much about Track Maps. I was approached by a builder that strictly purchases property for the sake of building the infrastructure for a housing track, but he sells them so investors so that they can build the homes and make a profit on them.

I am considering joining him on 10 in southern california. I would like to know if anyone else is doing this? If anyone knows about this? If anyone knows of any websites related to this.




I don’t know if “Track Maps” is the name of a company.

What you described is really what “developers” do–they buy a property and make some changes to it (eg, get it subdivided and maybe install horizontal improvements) and then sell either the entire property or individual lots to builders who actually contruct homes. Sometimes developers are builders as well–in other words, they might subdivide a property, install improvements and then build houses. But in my area, it’s not unusual for somebody to act only as a developer – add value to the property and then sell it to either to one builder or sell “finished lots” to several builders (if site improvements have been installed)