Okay I’ll make this one as short and sweet as possible. I hope I get some responses.

How do you cover all the bases in regards to town ordinances and zoning? At least here in NY - on long island - the requirements for C/O’s, inspections, permits and the like are…quite frankly, unbelievable. Some towns are a little less ridiculous than others, but the process of just acquiring general and basic information seems cumbersome. And what I mean is, permits, c/o’s etc for rental property, either accessory or single/multi, apt bldgs, and commercial RE.

So, do you avoid purchasing RE in the really difficult townships?

If not, how do you even begin to put your ducks in order?

I could work full-time for someone else, gathering all this information, filling out the paperwork etc. ( I went to a foreclosure auction at a local town hall and then spent 2 hours browsing the bldg - getting info and applications - not easy)

It seems, and I say SEEMS like an unbelievable task to meet the standards set by certain (most) towns here on Long Island.

Is this pretty much the status quo? I know government employees and the structure of gov’t simply do not lend themselves to being helpful, but wow - I’m blown away.

So I’ll stop here - please answer some of my questions - and let me know how you started…or how different it is (easier) in other towns (and what states they’re in) which you are familiar.