Tough Coaching for Newbies!

Over the past years, I have received endless calls from newbies who are looking for a mentor. Too often, the newbie will request the coaching and then proceed to tell me what and how I will teach them. I find this most disturbing that someone who knows little or nothing about investing in real estate will proceed to tell me how we will proceed, especially after I have completed hundreds of successful transactions over 20 years.

OK…here is your tough coaching…STOP telling experienced investors how to do their business and how to coach you when you have not a clue! This is self serving, disrespectful, and reveals just how uninformed you are about real estate and other areas in your life.

Let me fill you in on something…most of us who mentor do not need the income we generate from the coaching. We do this because it is a way to help other people. The reasons we charge is to weed out you tire kickers who cannot follow instructions or who do not have the courage to take action and to compensate us for the time we take away from doing our own deals while we are training you.

If you think you know how to get into the business without coaching and you have the courage to take action, then do it yourself and don’t call mentors asking for help! If you don’t care about anything or anyone other than yourself, it will be revealed quickly with your self serving behavior and you will be quickly declined as a student in this business.

If you want sugar coating, call someone else!!


Do you charge for coaching?

Hey Rob you posted a very brave post. I appreciate your post and admire your willingness to be honest.

I dont get people telling me how to do my job I get people telling me that they need a Mentor but cant find the money… Finding the money is a synonym for “I am not certain it will work” which is a questioning of the mentor or themselves. Im fairly easy… I want a mentee to be at risk. Im tired of the diatribe of this or that… To all of the people wanting help… Please choose a mentor and start…

Last week at Church my Pastor said that when God talks listen… That most of us dont … And when you hear him again tell you that its okay to then you need to take action…

STOP searching…

There isnt a mentor who can turn water into wine and I think that some of you actually think we are suppose to. All we are here for is to guide you towards success…

I will kick your butt. I will ask you to do things outside of your comfort zone… If you want nicey nice I am not the guy however if you want a guy to learn from I bet Rob and I fit that bill…

Speaking for myself I dont have the energy to help those that are so worried that they will be taken advantage of or doubt a credential.

Bottom line we have bought more house then you … We are willing to share what we know… I hate saying it; God gave us 80-85 years on this earth… Die rich or die poor… That is your choice… But dont look back and say “What if”…

Happy house hunting


Good job, Michael…thank you for your input and positive feedback on being straight forward with our newbies!!

This post was not intended for you newbies as an advertisement for my mentoring services nor for Michael’s in SoCal. It was intended as a wake up call to those of you who think you know how we need to train you to success. If that were true, you wouldn’t need us…you would be already earning money and perhaps training others.

The entire point is that I do not want an unconscience incompetent newbie telling me how to train them in a subject that they are grossly uninformed.

Regarding the request for fees etc., that is not appropriate to be discussed in a public forum. Do some of your own research, call some mentors, speak with them, take time to read their postings on this forum to see if they are competent, and then make a decision!

Success requires 51% or better accuracy in your decision making to be moving forward and closer to your goals. Start practicing making decisions and you newbies will start making money.


First Michel, I don’t think anyone is going to tell you what to do after your post about training MMA style. Yikes!

I agree with you guys. it’s a two way street, putting your money where your mouth is, is an indication of trust as well as a willingness to do what it takes. It’s not necessarily that mentors are living off of the funds solely.

I remember how I did it: I started to wholesale deals and used the proceeds to pay for mentoring and bootcamps etc.

I did risk my money up front, but was determined not to be a career student. I put it on myself to learn, apply it and make money doing it to justify my further education whichwas funded BY REal Estate investing.


Count your blessings. As you said you don’t have to do it, and the people you train actually want to be trained. I have to train completely computer illiterate people how to use 3d models given to them by architects to derive the information they need to construct the building. It’s like training a paraplegic how to ride a horse. It’s about time for my out, out of this biz, or go someplace where it feels like I’m shooting myself in the foot with a bb gun rather than a shotgun. I feel your pain.

Holy cr-ap! I’m really surprised by your post. For someone who claims to have done hundreds of deals in 20 years like your trailer home example where you buy it for $5k and build (using your words from another post) “trust” and “confidence” with private lenders giving you $7,800 cash for a note at closing so you have “money for groceries” without committing fraud, that you would post such a negative rant about paying clients who want you to mentor them is just unbelievable. Getting cash at closing by selling notes like you’ve claimed takes some great salesmanship skills. If you can inspire clients into giving you their “trust” and “confidence” to lend you more money than you bought something for at closing in such a cynical world, then surely you should be able to inspire paying clients to follow you with your lessons. A general needs to be able to inspire his troops into battle and to fight the good fight once they sign up for roll call. Not only that, but inspire them into believing that the general’s fight is the good fight.

To post a PUBLIC rant that what they are doing is “disturbing” and “disrespectful”, I can’t even contain myself. If you’ve put together hundreds of these deals in 20 years as you claim, you must have had a lot of rejection to reach that point and developed some really thick skin for all that rejection. To be so easily pushed and get so upset after you’ve developed that thick skin that you have to post this on a PUBLIC forum is such poor salesmanship that it seriously calls into question your ability to put these deals together. You sound like a newbie would sound. Anyone reading this thread isn’t going to be very inspired by the so called magic and proven experience you claim you can teach them as a mentor.

I’ve been rejected literally thousands of times and developed a thick skin for the “disrespect”. Perhaps, you should go back to reading books on effective salesmanship and how to be an inspirational leader.

Sorry for not “sugar coating” my opinion, but it had to be said from one experienced investor to another?



John $Cash$ Locke

I stand corrected… Youre too friggin funny

Thank you Dave W. for showing everyone your willingness to publicly humiliate yourself by revealing that you, a seasoned investor, are an unconscience incompetent! Good job! Thank you for keeping me entertained.


I did no such thing. You’re an amateur, son. Learn to sell.



I am certainly not trying to defend Rob… I am certain he can do that all by himself…

With that said I took his point to be one of and IMHO “I dont need to sell” As someone who indicates that they are a successful investor you too are probably being contacted by investors who want help… Some of the new investor have been so trained by “life” to be distrusting and frankly some are so distrusting that they cant let themselves succeed…

I know that if I wanted to run a marathon I could buy a book read about it and on the first day I could go run 2 miles… When I get to 10 miles at a time I best have someone with experience to guide me or the finish line wont be in sight… Reading about somethng doesnt equate to success. I hope investor realize that they need to just have blind faith…

Reminds me of the time I wanted to get into the boxing ring and kick some butt for the first time… I certainly did kick some butt… MINE…

After spending a ton of money and a lot of practice now I can kick someone else… I couldn’t even imagine telling my boxing coach that he was teaching me wrong or that I only wanted to learn a right cross… That weaving was for wimps… That a faint was stupid… He would have knocked me out…

After thinking about it I have spent more money learning to fight then I charge someone to learn how to buy houses… I must be a sick person… lol

It is hard to conceive why Dave continues to pollute my postings with his inexperience, sarcasm, and lack of respect. Please go away, Dave!! If you dig your hole too much deeper, you will never be able to get out! Go Away…thank you.

Please say a prayer for DaveW.


Keep whining like a baby because I’m not going anywhere. I have REAL experience and you still have a few things to learn, son.


Dear Dave,

If you despise me and my commentaries so much, why do you continue to engage me? I truly have no interest in you, your business, your disrespect for your fellow man, nor your sarcasm. Go look in the mirror and wake up to your inappropriate remarks. You are revealing ALL of your shortcomings and it looks quite foolish.

This might be a time to lay down your sarcasm and just shut your pie hole!


What looks foolish is a guy who keeps actively marketing his mentorship program in every thread he writes in: “Oh my students did this…, my students did that…, in my coaching…, I teach people this…, students who keep calling me about my mentoring…, it gives my students money for groceries…”

Then you go pm’ing everybody on the board about your mentoring program. It’s too much! To hear it constantly in every thread wreaks of desperation like it’s your only source of income. This is not the flow of someone who’s actively investing in real estate and very successful at it. You ever hear the saying that beggars don’t get fed?

Talk about what you achieved in real estate, not something you pretend you did and take credit for to try to sell your mentoring. Don’t keep pulling crap you read from e-books and elaborating your fantasies on. I’m not going to back off until you stop pretending to be a guru that successfully put together hundreds of these deals in every post . So, shut your own pie hole!

OK Dave, you win!! Thank you for wasting my time and that of the readers of this forum. I’m sure you can be very proud of your position on my posts. I’m certain your colleagues on The Board of Realtors will be most proud of you too!

Wishing you well…and wishing you luck when you stand before The Throne on the day of judgment! We’ll see whose ‘pie hole’ will pass and whose will be left behind.


You wasted your own time. When I stand before God on the day of judgment, I think I’ll do just fine for keeping it real and being a straight shooter. I can’t say much for your ‘pie hole’ though.


Please keep it civil and not personal…

From the Forum Rules: “…if you disagree, that’s fine, but do so in a professional manner”.



Thanks Keith!! Good Call