Totally BROKE and am looking to help anyone here somehow...

I’m an ex real estat agent and mortgage broker turned investor…I’m currently experiencing financial hardship. I haven’t even paid my rent for May!!! I’m not asking for free money or hand-outs as i work very hard. I am currently working on 25 short sales right now and am halfway on two of them. I think i can make around 50,000 on both of these combined.

The only problem is I don’ have any income coming for another 45 days or so.

I need money and I need money quick!

This is very simple. You need money - go get a job! You could start by asking the successful investors at your local REIA to see if anyone needs a handyman. Otherwise, just get out there and get a job until your income from real estate investing will pay the bills. If two of these deals come through, that should provide enough money for a few months. If not, then having a job will allow you to pay the bills so your credit won’t be ruined. No money and bad credit is not conducive to running a successful real estate investing business.

Good Luck,


In the time that it took you to spam the Forums, with this post in every one, you could have found a job. Get out there and find something. There are plenty of opportunities. They may not be your dream job, but you need to do what you have to. :rolleyes

Domino’s Pizza is always looking for pizza delivery drivers. Not a bad job at all–you are out and around totally learning the streets and areas. Hours are flexible and you get paid with a real paycheck. Several educated family members are Domino’s drivers for now. Great interim job.


You need to get your financial house in order before you start investing in anything. This way you’ll have a better cashflow management ability to actually build your business. There’s no easy way out. Work your butt off and raise the money you need. Then learn how to hang on to it. You need to get past this “get rich fast” mentality. Good luck.

I don’t think he made this post with ‘get rich quick’ in mind. I’m willing to bet, like so many other Americans right now, that he is experiencing the effects of the on coming depression. I’m willing to bet that this post was started out of desperation and nothing more. I’m seeing a lot more posts of this nature recently. But what do you expect? The people causing the current hardships don’t care about others…

What city are you in…?

torojd the worse time to start a business is when you need the money from that business and real estate is a business. What you need to do is stabilize your financial position. Make sure you have enough income to sustain your lifestyle. Then look at getting rich. I suggest a job.