total eager newbie

Confused longshot here. I’m a total newbie but am eager to succeed. My situation: to purchase my 1st property with very little down, aquire cash @ close. My credit is bad so I know better than to think conventionally. I have a VA qualification that I’ve yet to use and not even sure that would benefit me. What is the best route for me ?
It seems everything that I find regarding RE- investing on the web that interests me I have to pay for. I welcome any/all replies to steer me in the right direction so I can research more specifically on my own. Anyone?

Welcome Foreal60,

First thing u should do is look over on the left of this site. Grab every free article you can get your hands on. Figure the right path for yourself. Learn it. Than go for it. There is alot of options you can do to structure a deal with out your OWN money. You just got to get out there and do it!!!

Good Luck!!!


Thanks for the advice Money. Since I’m a sponge, I will read everything that I can get my eyes on. I appreciate it.

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