Torn in this market..

I feel it is a strange time for wholesalers out there right now. Banks and owners of preforclosures alike expect to get market value (disregaurding repairs needed) or more for homes, yet investors still only want properties at 65% ARV minus repairs. Are there any deals to be had? Does anyone here have experience in wholesaling during an upturn in the economy as interest rates increase/less foreclosures available. I’ve seen many complaints about the drop in the real estate market, but I would think it would be tighter for wholesalers in a booming market…
Just wandering what other’s predictions may be.

Its not easy to find great deals, the gurus were telling us they make $18k flipping deals, my average is under $5k wholesaling, I have made under $1k on occasion. The fact is you keep doing them even the profits are low, you’ll find the odd homerun deal, the more experience, contacts and relationships you make the easier it will get.


You have summed up the market very well for wholesalers. This is a job in a down turning economy - not one where real estate values are on the rise. There are still deals out there (focusing on Detroit and Florida), but the days of cash cow returns are almost over.

I foresee a slew of wholesalers who will soon return to the conventional job market as their silver lined cloud starts to rain on them.