buy buy buy

he has ZERO feedback on ebay and only accepts cashiers checks. i ran an ebay business for a while, and i’ve gotta tell ya i wouldn’t mail him a $20 cashier’s check given his newness and the likelihood he will take that check and laugh at you. who knows…

have you looked into who that land is registered to, and tried to contact them to make sure they are teh same person who is listing it?

by ‘buy buy buy’ do you mean ‘bye bye bye’?

did someone come on, with 1 post, to push their parcel of land? the person selling on ebay has ZERO history as well… shady

If anyone does buy it - I hope you get a RECORDED deed, not just one filled out.

They do have a goverment Land auction on e-bay with no credit check.

20437 Brian Way, Ste. C
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Tel: 661-823-1543

35 Acres, Bent County, Colorado only $499 down
Terms: You are assuming a loan of $19,979 at $189/month
Original price is $29,725 @ $271 save $9,746

*No credit check; everyone qualifies.

  • A one-time processing fee of $149 will be added to your purchase price.
    *Interest Rate: 9.5%
  • We charge $6 per month collection fee - yearly taxes will be prorated over 12 months. The Collection fee and yearly taxes will show on your payment coupon along with your monthly payment.
  • Property Taxes: approx. $50 annually
    *Limited parcels available. Promo good until supplies last.