If it does depend wat does it depend on, if no why not, if yes how?

Howdy Enterprise001:

I voted yes. Borrow what you need as I just did on a $700K deal. I contracted to buy a $165K office warehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas with a $500 hot check. I went to pawn shop to borrow money to cover the check after two weeks. I needed $1500 for the appraisal and another $3500 for engineers reports. I borrowed that at 36% and put up part of my base ball card collection. I needed $50K down and again borrowed that from a private source plus I borrowed $405K to purchase and rehab the building. I was in a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy case at the same time. I used a Corp to buy the property and borrow the money. When this deal is finished I will make $250K if I sell or pull out $150K tax free and still have $100K equity and $3K per month cash flow. I believe this would be considered a commercial deal with zero down.

thank you so much for your advice u just gave me hope thanks a mill… can u suggest any course or books that informed you on how to do commercial deals…

Ted is hard to get into commerical investing? I want to invest into apartment buildings. Whats the best to invest in? Apartment, retail

Job 2 yea thats exactly whats going on is there a way too do it

Howdy Propertiesforpennies:

Retail is easier to manage. If you can get a building and rent it to Wallmart you would be set for a long time until it becomes vacant after they relocate. Then you had better have some staying power as it could be years before you get another tenant and you will have to remodel the building too, I am doing a 15 unit office warehouse that is 30,000 feet, i have a good chance of renting 15 small spaces a lot faster than 1 large one.

Apartments are easier to get into but still harder than duplexes and houses. I did a 31 unit deal and it took months to get financed and rehabbed and months to resell. It aint easy but it can be very rewarding.

I’m not sure of what you are talking about. This is embarassing but I forgot what I posted. I know I just posted but I’ve been doing quite of bit of that so I don’t remeber what this is about eenterprise001