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What books do you all recommend? I am not interested in purchasing the get-rich-quick real estate investing will make you a millionaire instantly! I just purchased What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures.

Any other ideas?

I have nothing to do with this book, but I have to say that “Propertymanager” Mike Rossi’s book is without doubt THE BEST real estate investment book I have ever read, and I’ve read a LOT of 'em.

If your thinking of getting into the rental end of real estate it’s THE BEST $50 you will ever spend. Just his ideas on setting up your LLC, using PO boxes, and cell phones, it goes on and on. Priceless!

Should be mandatory reading for every person considering landlording.

I’d second that.

Mike’s strategies…such as his 2% rule of thumb…put you on the right track for running a business that cashflows.

He’s clear and concise…two thumbs up.


I’ve read and recommend Bill Gatten’s, No Down, No New Loan, that explains his Equity Holding Trust system, which incorporates the use of equity sharing, a triple net lease and a land trust. Although it was written several years ago, it is very timely. It’s a free download.



what do you mean by shocker?

Do you come here often? Do you read the post and keep up with what’s going on/said?

I am not shocked that ‘trustpro’ said that the last book that he read was Bill Gatten’s in that it’s all he ever posts about…these guys come and go (sometimes against their will) as shills for their gurus.

Additionally, I was not shocked that I had to remove the blatant advertisement for the book from the post.


He’s a one trick pony…

With all due respect, the poster asked what books we recommend. I recommend a free ebook that is an introduction to a subject that you don’t like to share but that everyone is entitled to at least have introduced to them. It was a simple response to a request and not a blatant advertisement. I simply posted the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD. I didn’t say it was the last book I read, it was not. Nor do I come here as a shill for anyone, I enjoy the discourse with others who love real estate and I absolutely recommend that ebook. Censorship is insulting, especially when others are recommending $50 books. The people here are adults and capable of making their own decisions.

I recommend “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It’s not specifically about real estate investing, but is a must read if you are planning on venturing into rei, in my opinion.


Did you read the Forum Rules?

(1) ** Moderator Control - moderators may modify, delete, and/or move posts to a more appropriate forum without notice.

I am a Moderator. I modified your post without notice.

(2) ** No Advertising - do not post advertisements, solicitations, or offer your services;

I don’t really have an opinion about the ‘trusts’ except that I removed a blatant advertisement for a product that you are clearly and obviously connected closely to. If you or Bill Gatten want to advertise on this site, you need to go the paid advertising route:

(3) Paid Advertising - You can purchase banner ads and newsletter sponsorship advertising here…

If you have problems with the rules and keep ignoring them, we can find you a ‘special’ place…at this point, you are beginning to draw extreme scrutiny and that’s usually “the beginning of the end”


A great book I have read at least 5 times is actually a paperback book and it is pretty worn down.

It is “Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump.

It is not really a how to book but a How I did it book and well worth reading.

I think the issue people take with your posts is that your answer to any question is Gatten’s trust system. In fact, your participation in the forum mirrors any Gatten student’s post style not just on this forum, but across multiple forums.

Keith (kdhastedt),

I wonder if you have some sort of vendetta going on with trustpro. The original post asked for recommendations about books, and trustpro’s response was on point. He even provided a link to a free download of the book which you apparently deleted.

How is his response advertising, solicitation, or offering his services? I don’t see it. You deleted the link on these grounds, but you and other moderators allow other links to free downloadable products to remain online. How about Andrew’s referrals to DeferEm? His posts weren’t so vigorously censored. How about propertymanager? He advertises his product in his signature, and the referrals to his book in this thread were not censored.

For something even more subtle, what about the links to or we see so often in these forums. If you apply the same standard that you apply to trustpro’s referral, then shouldn’t you censor those direct referrals, too?

I agree that trustpro seems to have a very narrow focus in his responses, but isn’t the information he gives us all worthwhile? Don’t you agree that the benefit of these forums is for the beginning investor to learn from the seasoned investors? Even seasoned investors can learn from each other. I respect trustpro’s expertise on trusts. Some of his comments in other posts have certainly been discussion points with my own attorney. Now that I know there is a free book on the topic available for download, I will look for it.

Moderators serve a valuable service in maintaining the standards for the forums established by the site owners. Moderators have a responsibility to apply those standards consistently. If trustpro were able to profit in some way by posting a link to a free downloadable product, then I would not challenge your action. In this case, I think your position is not justified by the forum rules.

Just how I see it.

How about propertymanager? He advertises his product in his signature, and the referrals to his book in this thread were not censored.

Dave T,

Obviously, you haven’t read the rules either - please do so. The following is reprinted from the forum rules so you don’t even need to click on it:

Member Default Signature - you may use your forum signature to advertise your business and/or network as long as the signature is no more than 5 lines and has no blank lines in it. You may not post more than one link in your signature.

I do advertise my book as specifically permitted in the forum rules. Trustpro and others are advertising their websites in the body of their posts which is specifically forbidden. That is why Keith modified his post. This is really not that difficult. If you can run a REI business, you surely can read, understand, and follow some simple rules.

and the referrals to his book in this thread were not censored.

I did not post anything about my book and if you have read any of my posts, you know I never do. If some of the members of the forum have read my book and liked it, should they not be allowed to say so? They have absolutely no business relationship with me and certainly are not shilling for me. Maybe you’d like any future posts about books to specifically exclude mine. “Anybody read any good books EXCEPT MIKE’S?” :banghead


Frankly, I don’t know trustpro, nor do I know Bill Gatten (I know of him but don’t know him).

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a vendetta against trustpro…(let me check - - - - nope, no vendetta). To my knowledge, I have never even responded directly to him in the past. I did not modify his post to delete the name or the author of the book that he was hawking for Mr. Gatten, I merely deleted the link advertising Mr. Gatten’s website and the commercial venture. If trustpro and Mr. Gatten want to advertise the venture, I also provided them the link to do so.

Left unabated, this becomes more of the same that we battle over and over with Nouveau Riche.

As Mike (propertymanager) has stated, he is ABSOLUTELY within his rights to advertise his product within the confines of his Member Default Signature, as stated clearly in the Forum Rules.

As for “Andrew’s referrals to DeferEm”, honestly, I’m not sure I saw them – I just don’t have time to read every post every day.

Until I hear differently from those that operate the site, I will continue to modify posts as necessary. It’s not even really a fine line. It is clearly apparent that trustpro has direct ties to Bill Gatten and his products, thus he’s not allowed to advertise directly for him. Period. The same goes for all posters.

Links to most websites are allowed because the poster(s) reap no financial gains for doing so. I often post links to the IRS, HUD, EPA, etc. websites but surprisingly enough have no ties to them except that I get to send Uncle Sugar a monthly allotment and sometimes a check in April.

If you need further clarity, please let me know.


[i][b]Trustpro and others are advertising their websites in the body of their posts which is specifically forbidden. That is why Keith modified his post. [/b][/i]

Please show where I advertised my website in the body of my post. What website? I only posted a link to a FREE EBOOK written by someone else that is a very valuable and informative educational tool for newbies and experienced investors alike. It SHOULD NOT have been deleted. I was not even aware that I am allowed to place a link to my website in my signature. Thank you for the information.

In the future, please limit your comments to general ones and stop the personal swipes. I don’t know you, please don’t act like you know me. Thank you.

As to kdhastedt, I have no idea why he is so hateful of Bill Gatten. The link he deleted WAS NOT to advertise Bill’s website or his “commercial venture”, it was to his free pdf download of a book he wrote many years ago (hence it is now free), entitled No Down, No New Loan.

If kd had simply asked me, he would know that I have no ties to Bill Gatten, other than I use his system in conjunction with my holding investment properties. I am retired, and pretty inactive in real estate now, preferring to occasionally post on this forum to keep up to date and impart some knowledge where I can be of help. My wife suffered a serious neck injury, had multiple surgeries, and is now disabled so I spend the majority of my time taking care of her.

I was a licensed agent and a student of Paul Simon and his Equity Sharing system at least ten years before ever hearing of Mr. Gatten. I bought and learned his system ten years ago, used it several times in conjunction with my use of equity sharing. I’ve learned it very well and if there is some information that is helpful to others, I post it. Are you saying that if I learned it from a guru on this forum I can post it, but if I learned it from Gatten, I cannot? There is absolutely NO FINANCIAL GAIN in my posting of a link to a free book. Please … lighten up! Are you an agent of your kindergarten teacher?

quit argueing i read trump realestate 101 good red lots of info for us new guys if you think real estate who better than him

I am not hateful of Bill Gatten. I just said that I don’t know Bill Gatten. So, in fact, this is a lie.

If you had read the Forum Rules as REQUIRED (not suggested, required), you would know about the Member Default Signature area and what you can and cannot do in that area.

True or False: You do not have nor have ever had any financial ties to Bill Gatten whatsoever, including paying him or his entities for the use of his “system”.

The link was removed, in fact, for advertsing and entity that you have already admitted to having financial ties to…

We are not stupid nor did we fall off of the turnip truck on the way to market this morning. Please stop bantering words and keep within the Forum Rules. This is not really hard stuff - it’s really not.


The link was to a free ebook, NOT TO A COMMERCIAL VENTURE. Really not hard. I understand now. If anyone has ever used a system, they are not allowed to talk about it. If someone learned lease options from your local forum guru, they can’t post about it. If someone learned sub 2’s from your local guru, they can’t talk about it. Kevin read Trump’s Real Estate 101. If he bought it, he can’t talk about it. Brilliant rules for a forum.