Top 10 gurus in the investing business?

I came across this site because of an investor friend and am intrigued. Who are the top 10 investment gurus/ firms (or whatever you call them) in the country to learn from?

tedjr, Jeff Adams these are two of the best I have met in the 10 years of doing this I also really like The Crazy Investor maybe because of his age (he’s only 30) or maybe because of the fact he retired at 28 and only teaches for a small cost. Or maybe its because he has a ton of class and gives away $$$$ at his courses… I just relate to him because its sooooo simple after he explains it!

Howdy REOConsultant:

Thanks for the kind words REOconsultant but no way do I deserve it. I am not even near guru status. I have no books published and am unknown to the world. I am just trying to help others so they will not make the same mistakes I have made and end up flat broke over and over again. Maybe that is part of the learning process but it is really a school I do not wish to attend. If motivation and drive and ambition and perseverance make one a guru then I should be ranked in maybe the top few 100 or so as I have that and nothing will change that not even homelessness. Like the song says “I will Survive”

From the deals I have heard about that you have done you should be ranked up there a whole lot higher than me. Please do not forget Tim Randle, it is his website here that helped me get over major depression and realize that I can even do deals. And there is John Cash Locke that wrote the bible for sub2 investors.

Maybe after I write a few books and achieve a lot more goals that I have set for myself I may be considered a guru but nowhere in the top ten even then but I do truly thank you. It really means a lot to me that people like my input. Helping others is what has kept me going despite all me adversity these last few years. The more folks ask for help the greater I feel. I do not know how else to thank you for your kind words again but to keep on doing what am doing and hope that others benefit from it. Thanks again

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen someone mention “The Crazy Investor” can you supply a little more info. I’ve done searches and don’t seem to find anything on the web.


The Crazy Investor is a newer kid on the block. And in order to insure my status on this site I am willing to supply his info only after I get permission from one of the higher ups!! And ted please keep in mind it is not how far you fall but how high you bounce! you give great advice and it should never be taken as failure the only way you ever fail is when you dont try!!

P.S. I have spoken directly to tedjr he has done more deals then most he has had a few pitfalls along the way I personaly have much respect for him!!And Ted if you ever need a money backer give me a call!!

I’ve been in the business 30 years. I spend about $1500 a year on books and courses and seminars. Mike Butler is the best I’ve come in contact with in my time. Most of the Guru’s bait you with a small price then pester you to let them mentor you or sell you an advanced course. Mike is very in depth in all his presentations. His materials are step by step. If you hook up with his program, you won’t need to buy advice form any other Guru’s. My wife and I have 21 properties, with 15 paid for. We got them the hard way. Mike shows you the easy way. Find him @ MikeButler.Com :smiley:

Ron Legrand is good, his material is pricey but he knows his stuff!


I’m reading these answers to the guru question and no one has mentioned Carlton Sheets. I’m new to the biz and have read through his program. I think it’s very informative and easy to read. I have no one to compare him too yet. What do you folks think about his stuff? I’m reading anything I can get my hands on including this site. Help? tim

I am a begginer, and so far Robert Kiyosaki was very helpful to me.