too much repair for banks finance

what does the bank consider too much repair needed to say no to finance. does a larg down payment 20-30% make a diFERENCE in a yes or no answer. this is all circumstancial - say you need a new roof, paint carpet,. to me this seems pretty easy to fix but will a bank finance this?

We usually make our decision and rely on what the appraiser comments about the condion of the property.

There is a section of the appraisal that mentions the condtion of improvement, depreciation,repairs needed and quality of the construction of the home.

Banks are not interest in collateral that is in bad shape

in speaking of a home that needs a new roof… well, you might as well not even go to a bank with that. ROOF is a red flag in an appraisal review. Speak of needed repairs is like hanging yourself.

The banks want to know about how safe the collateral is and they want the property to be in great -good shape they count on the appraisal,

Too much repair is usually up to the lender and there confort zone cosmetic stuff they can deal with,

structual (ie: extensive termite damage,roof and foundation,), HVAC, plumbing,electrical. Banks won’t even finance the house they would all have to be done befor they do the loan